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Update: 7/3/2015 Time: 4:00 PM


Sant’Ilario d’Enza (RE), 3 July 2015 – Further to the press release of 30 June it is announced that the minutes for the resolutions adopted by Interpump Group S.p.A. on the merger of General Technology S.r.l. and Interpump Engineering S.r.l. into Interpump Group S.p.A. are available to the public from today at the Company’s registered office and at Borsa Italiana S.p.A., and may also be consulted on the website of Interpump Group S.p.A. www.interpumpgroup.it under “Governance/Other information” as well as on the "eMarket Storage” platform at www.emarketstorage.com.

Interpump Group S.p.A. announces also that on 1 July 2015 Mr. Carlo Conti handed in his resignation as Company director, and accordingly will also no longer hold the position as lead independent director. His resignation is due to unforeseen professional commitments. Mr. Conti was an independent director and a member of the Audit and Risks Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Related Party Transactions Committee, and to the best of the Company’s knowledge and belief does not hold an equity interest in the Company as of today’s date. The Board of Directors will review the measures to be taken as a result of Mr. Conti’s resignation at its next meeting.

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Update: 6/30/2015 Time: 2:43 PM


Sant’Ilario d’Enza (RE), 30 June 2015

1) Further to the press release of 28 May 2015 it is also announced that the Board of Directors of Interpump Group S.p.A. today approved the merger of the 100% owned subsidiaries General Technology S.r.l. and Interpump Engineering S.r.l. into the Company following the adoption of a similar resolution by the corporate bodies of the merging companies. This operation is fully described in the merger plan of 28 May 2015, already filed and communicated within the time period prescribed by law. The minutes of the resolution adopted today by the Board of Directors  and sanctioned by a public deed will be made available to the public according to the procedures and time limits laid down by law.

2) At its meeting today the Board of Directors of Interpump Group S.p.A. acknowledged the resignation handed in by the director Ms. Mara Anna Rita Caverni for coming professional commitments, which is effective as of today’s date. Ms. Caverni, who was a non-executive independent director and a member of the Company’s Control and Risks Committee and Related Party Transactions Committee, was appointed by the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of 30 April 2014 as part of the single list submitted by the majority shareholder Gruppo IPG Holding S.r.l..

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Update: 3/20/2015 Time: 12:18 PM


Sant’Ilario d’Enza (RE), 20 March 2015 – To partially correct the press release issued yesterday, Interpump Group inform that the dividend of 18 euro cents,. if approved by the Shareolders’ meeting to be held on April 30, will be put into payment on 13 May and the share will go ex-dividend on 11 May (record date 12 May). The holders of outstanding shares at the end of accounting day 8 May will be entitled to receive the dividend.

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