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In the early post-2nd World War period the friendship and the genius of two future business men gave rise to a history which, after 50 years, everybody still can tell and remember: OUR OWN HISTORY.

The use of commercial vehicles in combination with hydraulic operated equipment became essential for Italy’s reconstruction and this is where PZB started from. Mr. Pederzani and Mr. Zini were the first in Italy, and probably all over Europe, to invent what nowadays is still called "PTO/Pump unit", drawing idea from the American military vehicles. The two friends had to face many intens, deep and tough moments together, starting from a cellar, equipped just with a bench lathe, up to today with all the modern computerized structures.

Full of pride, we can now assert that, in 50 years, all continents and almost every truck brand have been certainly touched by PZB trademark.

Today PZB - certified TUV ISO 9001 and a Member of INTERPUMP GROUP - have more and more the drive and the inspiration which half a century ago led the two friends to build new working places and to create new technologies by making them first actors of the future technological scenaries.

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