TUBIFLEX S.p.A. - Fabbrica Tubi Metallici Flessibili
Strada Torino, 25/27 - 10043 Orbassano (TO)
Tel. +39 011 9033201
Tubiflex S.p.A.
Established in 1951, TUBIFLEX was transformed into a stock holding company in 1967. Its premises are in Orbassano (Torino) and lay on an area of 34.000 sq.m., with 20.000 sq.m. of manufacturing space and 3.000 sq.m. devoted to offices.

Its proprietary Know How and design skills place Tubiflex amongst the most technologically advanced Companies in its field and promote the export of 50% of the turnover (2015) in the five continents. Tubiflex manufactures and sells a very vast range of flexible metal and non-metal hose, flexible hose assemblies, St. St. expansion joints and bellows, heat exchangers obtained by corrugated pipes and special products for specific applications.

The Company serves a quite large number of market segments, including: Automotive, Aerospace, Shipyards, Energy Generation, Petrochemical Industry, Train and Tram manufacturing, Steel Plants, Air conditioning and Refrigeration, Gas delivery and exhaust, Delivery of water, etc.

The possible applications include pressurized or depressurized delivery or suction of any type of fluids (including aggressive fluids), gas, water, steam, granules, chips, pellets and powders, vibration dampening, engines exhaust hoses, protection of electrical cables, heat radiation, reflection, and insulation, absorption of thermal pipe-expansions, etc.

Our Customer Service is available for providing customized solutions for any specific use.

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