Via Caduti di Sabbiuno, 11 D/E
40011 Anzola Emilia (BO)
Tel. +39.051.6425811 - Fax +39.051.734943
Transtecno S.r.l.
Transtecno Group designs and manufactures a wide range of power transmissions; reduction drives (worm-driven, cylindrical gears, orthogonal axis, shaft-mounted, planetary), electric motors (DC, AC, brushless). Products can be standard or customized for special projects. The Group operates through foreign subsidiaries located in strategic hubs of the world market.

R&D, manufacturing

Product design is drive by the Italy-based technical area which, following a well-structured pre-sales process and thanks to advanced CAD systems, develops the best fit for the customer's needs. Manufacturing at all locations is done through top-quality machinery, and a constant investment in new technologies allows for a full control of the manufacturing process.

The advantages of modularity

Gearmotors designed according to a modular approach offer competitive advantages to both customers and distributors; through the combination of components and accessories it is possible to assemble different kits, optimizing time and resources.

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