Board of Directors

Fulvio Montipò Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Giovanni Tamburi Deputy Chairman
Claudio Berretti Director
Angelo Busani Director Independent
Antonia Di Bella Director Independent
Fabio Marasi Director
Marcello Margotto Director Lead Independent Director
Federica Menichetti Director Independent
Stefania Petruccioli Director Independent
Paola Annunziata Tagliavini Director Independent
The term of the current B.o.D. shall conclude on the date of the Shareholders’ Meeting to approve the Financial Statements as at 31 December 2022.

The functioning and the organisation on Interpump Group S.p.A. Board of Directors, including scheduling, convening, execution and verbalisation ways of Board meetings as well as information management procedures to Board members are defined by this Regulation approved by the Board in the meeting of 18th March 2022.