Global Compliance Programs

Update: 11/30/2021 Time: 5:00 PM

Interpump Group: Anti Corruption Guidelines

Interpump Group is committed to the respect of the highest standard of integrity, honesty and fairness in conducting business and complying with principles included in the Code of Ethics.

The Anti-corruption Guidelines has been adopted by Interpump Group S.p.A. in March 2019 and they represent a set of rules and measures with the aim to prevent the risk of commission of corrupt behaviours, also beyond the Italian borders, by all employees and directors of Interpump Group companies, and by all persons who, for any reason and regardless of the type of contractual relationship in place, work in the name of or on behalf of Group’s companies.

Interpump Group advocates the zero-tolerance principle towards any form of corruption, prohibiting any behaviour aimed to promise, offer, make payments or accept, directly or indirectly, cash or any other benefits in order to obtain or maintain a business affair or to secure an unfair advantage connected to the business activity.

Particular attention is given to the selection of business partners, their process qualification, including the contract management, the commitment to the respect of Anti-corruption laws and the check of ethical requirements.

Furthermore, Interpump Group promotes any initiative aimed to raise employee awareness towards matters of contrast to the corruption, requiring the commitment to the respect of principles reported in the Code of Ethics and in the Anti-corruption Guidelines and implementing training courses to ensure a proper understanding of the rules included in the Guidelines and mechanisms of controls and prevention of risks.

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Update: 11/30/2021 Time: 5:00 PM

Interpump Group: Health, Safety and Environment Guidelines

Interpump Group has always taken an approach to ensure the highest standard of health and safety on workplaces and protection of the environment.

Interpump Group S.p.A. has adopted the Guidelines concerning Occupational Health and Safety and Environment. These Guidelines provide a set of rules and measures with the aim to remove the hazards and prevent the risk of work-related accidents, injuries, professional diseases and minimize the impact of its own business activities on the surrounding environment, in accordance with the regulations in place in Countries where the Group operates.

It is requested to each company of Interpump Group to monitor the actual and possible risks, provide the necessary training to the employees and implement all necessary measures to prevent work-related accidents or events that may negatively impact the environment.

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Update: 11/30/2021 Time: 5:00 PM

Interpump Group: Human Rights Guidelines

The observance of human rights and labour rights is a key element in the conduct of Interpump Group business activities.

As evidence of such a commitment, the Code of Ethics establishes the protection of human rights, not tolerating any form of forced labour or exploitation of child labour, in strict accordance with the International Conventions on human rights, as well as the Italian regulations, and any current and local applicable law.

In connection with such matters, Interpump Group S.p.A. adopted the Human Rights Guidelines in February 2020 by which rules and behaviours are disciplined with the aim to prevent:

- discriminatory practices in any form or based on race, religious belief, age, ethnic origin, civil status, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy or on any other personal condition;
- exploitation of labour through threats, intimidation, punishment, reprisals or physical violence, or achieved by the serious restriction of personal freedoms;
- exploitation of child labour.

The Human Rights Guidelines also promotes the principles of dignity, freedom and equality, the protection of working conditions and union rights, as well as the safeguard of health and safety on workplaces.

To the employees and to whom act in the name and/or on behalf of Interpump Group companies, as well as consultants, vendors or other third parties, including customers, it is requested the utmost commitment to respect human rights and principles set out in the Guidelines.

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