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The high pressure pump sector is the one from which the entire Group originated. In accordance with its overall philosophy, Interpump introduced a radical innovation in this field that has since become the new benchmark and has made it the worldwide leader in the high pressure pump market. The pumps designed and built by Interpump are more compact, manageable and silent, configured to facilitate the replacement of spare parts.

But the truly unique and revolutionary Interpump breakthrough was the use of ceramic pistons which, compared to those in steel, have increased pump life and reliability. Today, the full product range includes high pressure pumps (up to 500 bar) manufactured by Interpump and ultra-high pressure pumps (up to 1500 bar) made by the Pratissoli Pompe division.

All pump components are constructed of the highest quality materials that are systematically checked and tested at every production stage. Assembly is performed with maximum precision so that the finished product will withstand the heavy wear-and-tear of industrial usage.

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