Hydraulic Sector » Componentry Engineering

Throughout the years, the Hydraulics division of Interpump Group has expanded the range of products offered to customers, while keeping high standards of innovation and quality.
This sector includes both gear and plunger piston pumps used in hydraulic circuits requiring high working pressures at either low or high rpm.

Within the hydraulic sector, the Group has further strengthened its presence through Hydroven and Avi, whose power packs and complete hydraulic systems development and production allow the two brands to propose themselves on the market with advanced technological solutions.

Through the acquisition of American Mobile Power, one of the top American producers of hydraulic tanks for the mobile truck equipment, the Group strengthens its position in the hydraulic sector with significant synergies with the hydraulic products offered by the US subsidiary Muncie.

American Mobile Power Inc.
Avi S.r.l.
Hydrocar (Brand of IPH)
Hydroven S.r.l.
Interpump Hydraulics S.p.A.
Mega Pacific New Zealand
Mega Pacific Pty Ltd
Muncie Power Inc.
PZB (Brand of IPH)
Takarada Industria e Comercio Lta