Hydraulic Sector » Hoses, Pipes and Fittings

Hydraulic circuits include a wide range of components for the generation, control and transformation of energy.

All new and innovative machine projects are now aiming at weight and size reduction, with the consequence of increasing working pressures all over the system: Higher pressure standards, lower diameters, reduced weights, lower bending radius have brought about the need for a continuous performance improvement of components for fluid transmission.

At the same time, environmental concerns call for innovation in surface treatments, use of organic oils, compliance with engineering standards.

Each item, no matter how simple its manufacturing may seem as in a fitting or a hose, is an important component of the system and requres the same high level of technology and performance of any other part of the circuit.
Interpump Group’s product offer consists in rubber hoses and fittings produced by I.M.M., flexible metal hoses manufactured by Tubiflex, and shaped rigid pipes supplied by TeknoTubi and GS-Hydro. The latter is the recognized world leader in non-welded (flange-based) piping systems.